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Populating To, From Subj And Attach In Outlook


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I have been going round and round on this and done a lot of searches for the answer to no avail so, here goes my question:


In me3, I have the user do several things to determine the TO, Subj, Attachment description and finally the persons name and street address.


First, a general idea of what I am trying to do. I want my people to find specific web sites (of our companies interest) that have peoples name and address or just email address and copy and paste from them. These will be put into variables.



I have them go to the web site, and do a ctrl c to copy the email address to a text variable (say t1).


I have them do a ctrl c to copy the persons name and street address (say t2).


Then dependendt on a check box, value is saved in another variable to be used as the subject (say t3)


Then I want ME ask my person what type of letter to send (ie., will you be interested letter, or thank you for being interested letter) and open up the correct lettr and copy it all to the clipboard.


Then i want ME to open up outlook email and populate:


the email address with the value of the variable T1


the subject lines with the value of the variable T3


The top of the message body with the name and street addr from the variable T2


The body of the report with the correct (will you be interested OR thank you for being intersted letters in the body of the email message that was copied to the clipboard)


then I want to send the letter



Here is what works consistantly. the email address, the persons name and street address and the Subj line variables are captured correctly. The correct letter is opened in word and copied to the clipboard.


Here is what is not working. In short, after the New message comes up in Outlook express, sometimes:


Put the email address in the To box, that usually works (t1)

However, from there on in, it is inconsistant. Sometimes the subject (t3) is right aftger the t1 email address. Sometime the name and address (t2) is in the CC field etc and not at the beginning of the message body. Sometime the entire body of the letter is copied to the CC line! Sometimes it works perfectly!


So, the bottome line. How do i force the t1 email address to go into the "TO:" field?


How do I force the t3 subject varaiable to go to the "SUBJ:" field?


And finally, how do i force the person name and street address t2 to go to the very beginning of body of the message?


I have tried using c1 cordinates but they dont always work. I have tried different delays (2 seconds 3 seconds) to no avail. I am leary of using direct coordiantes in mouse moves due to peoples different screen sizes etc.


Most of the people to get this macro will probably be using Outlook or Outlook Express so if I can get it working for these applications, I can worry about the people using yahoo or some other email client later.


On a side note, and I have already asked stan for help and he wanted me to send him the code (but I have not had time to do so), in the first part of the macro, i have to have the user highlight the name and address (for example), I issued the command to Clipboard copy (issue the CTRL C) command but that never worked.


So, I have had to have the user manually do a ctrl c to make it go to the variable. Stan wanted me to send him the code but I havent had time. But if anyone can help me with the above, I will worry about getting ME to do the Clipboard CTRL C command to work later. What I need right now is the populating of an new email message correctly with the variables I mentioned.


Thanks to all for this great forum with you ME garues.



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Hello Bob!


Your computer has a keyboard buffer that connects you with whatever software package you are typing. The purpose, of course, is to allow you to type away at your own speed on the input side and to feed your keystrokes to the application on the output side. These keystrokes are fed as fast as the application will accept them.


You cannot type faster than your application but Macro Express can. So, it seems that your keyboard buffer is being overloaded.


There are three solutions that can be used separately or together:

  1. Goto Options->Preferences->Delays and set the "Use Text Type delay" box to any value you wish. 1000 microseconds = 1 millisecond = 1/1000 second. I have my system set to 10,000 microseconds (10 milliseconds). Use your own discretion.
  2. Break your message into short lines and use the "Text Type" command with a "Delay 10 milliseconds" command between each "Text Type" command.
  3. Same as above, but use a "Wait Text Playback" command in place of the "Delay command".

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