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Scripting Editor For Multiple Scripts

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Does anyone know of a scripting editor where multiple scripts can be viewed simultaneously?


For example, if you have two Word documents opened at the same time and you click Window, Arrange All, you will see them both. As you know, the Scripting Editor in Macro Express is limited to a single script.


Attached is an image of what I'm looking for. :huh:


Does anyone know if there are any plans of making a "Professional" version of Macro Express for programmers? I use, create, and deploy powerful, complex, mission critical programs with Macro Express. It is my "language" of choice. :D


Does anyone else want or think they might utilize such a program/feature?


Thanks for your time and consideration.




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I'm looking for the same functionality. Especially when writing scripts that invoke other macros, I end up toggling back and forth about 20-50 times.

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