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Moving Folder To Another Folder After N Days


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I am new to this program. I don't have any experience in this. I wish I could ask someone to help me, but I haven't gotten a response to my previous question. I will rephrase this and pose it again.


I am trying to create folders on my desktop for each day of the week. After the new week commences, I want to have all old folders move to another folder while new folders for the new week are generated on my desktop- One day at a time.


Here is what I have so far:


Date/Time: Save "ddd MMM-dd-yy" into %T1%

Create Folder: "C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Desktop\Rates -%T1%"

Rename Folder: "C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Desktop\Old Rates\Rates -%T1%"


When this macro is executed, it automatically moves "Rate-%T1%" to Old Rates(folder).


How do I make it move there 7 days later instead of instantly? Does it require Integer, If statements, Repeat commands? What is needed?



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Hi there Pat


I hope this can help you


You should schedule it to run every day:


<Mmm DD YY{NP001}{P000}02><DOFILE:03:NN:C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Desktop\Rates -%T2%>C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Desktop\Old Rates\Rates -%T2%><Mmm DD YY{NP000}{P000}01><DOFILE:02:NN:C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Desktop\Rates -%T1%>>

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Hi again :)


I made some modifications. Now the macro should work, no need to change anything.


Just schedule it to run every day


Here it is


<VSETMISC:T9:Username><Mmm DD YY{NP001}{P000}02><IFOTH:10:1:C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Old Rates><DOFILE:02:NN:C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Old Rates>><MSD:100><ENDIF><IFOTH:02:1:C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Rates -%T2%><DOFILE:03:NN:C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Rates -%T2%>C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Old Rates\Rates -%T2%><MSD:100><ENDIF><Mmm DD YY{NP000}{P000}01><MSD:100><DOFILE:02:NN:C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Rates -%T1%>>


P.S: If you see that the old rates folder is moved but the today's rates folder is not created try making Right Click on your Desktop and then pressing "Refresh"

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You know.. I read your first post again and finally realized/understood what is what you want (I guess I don't need to say that my english isn't very good)


The 2 macro I first posted move the "Rates -Day" folder to the "Old Rates" folder Every Day and then creates a new folder for the current day...


Well this one really does what you need...


<VSETMISC:T9:Username><DT:ddd MMM-dd-yyT:01:1:><IFOTH:10:1:C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Old Rates><DOFILE:02:NN:C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Old Rates>><ENDIF><REM2:Monday Routine><DT:dddT:10:1:><IFVAR2:1:10:7:Mon><IVAR2:02:01:1><REP3:01:000001:000001:00007:0:01:><DT:ddd MMM-dd-yyT:02:3:{P0%N2%}{P00000}{P00000}{P00000}><IFOTH:02:1:C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Rates -%T2%><DOFILE:03:NN:C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Rates -%T2%>C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Old Rates\Rates -%T2%><ENDIF><NMVAR:08:02:0:0000001:0:0000000><ENDREP><DOFILE:02:NN:C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Rates -%T1%>><ELSE><REM2:Not-Monday Routine><IFOTH:10:1:C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Rates -%T1%><DOFILE:02:NN:C:\Documents and Settings\%T9%\Desktop\Rates -%T1%>><ENDIF><ENDIF>


Hope it works!

*You should set it to run every day you want a folder to be created.

*It will Move all Old Rates on Monday

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I want to thank you for doing this. I cannot express my gratitude enough. I must be real slow, but I am trying to go through this and have no clue on some of the things you did.


Where do you go to learn about macros? I need to get to the real basics and the logic behind this in order to understand this or I will be forever posting on this board. Even the best of them do, but I don't want to look like I know nothing. I am very determined to learn this and need someone to point me in the right direction.


Can you help?





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No problem, pat!


I just like to search new challenges. That way I can help someone and learn myself too!


In my case, I started with basic macros (just as click somewhere, press some keys, open/close windows, etc). Then I learnt about Variables and their variety of uses. Finally I started using Controls.


I remember taking a look to every feature in ME and trying to figure their uses. The Incorporated help files are awesome to learn too!

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Here is my next challenge,


I have a program that strips attachments out of Outlook and puts it in a folder. I know how to rename these and move them.I also want to check certain websites for different rates and save them as either.mht or as pdf. it depends on the website.


Also, there are some e-mails I receive from lenders that do not come as attachments, rather they come as hyperlinks within the body of the message.


I want to have e-mails that come from account representatives' e-mail addresses, to be recognized, saved after opening it, and moved to that day's folder.


Right there are 5 different ways I want to move files to these folders to give me an update of all rates for the day.


The question really is: How can I get the "create date" of that file to match the date of the folder and automatically move the file to folder instantly?


Also, how can I get a pop up I can click to go to the folder after it alerts me of a new file or even better, ask me to see the newly created file, answer yes, and then open it right away?


Lots of things to do, but most importantly, I need to match date created on file to date created on folder for the file to move.


How to? I CANNOT POST MY CODE because it has interest rates and programs I am not legally allowed to distribute to the general public. It doesn't work anyway.



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