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My Hotkey Ctrl+alt+l Does Not Work


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Hello All,


I can't get the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+L to activate any macros. I have Windows XP if that matters. Any ideas why it doesn't do anything? When I assign the hotkey to the macro, it shows in the list as an available global hotkey. BUT, It does not allow me to select it by actually typing the Ctrl+Alt+L (I actually have to select it with my mouse). So, I guess this means that it's not working even before I assign it to the activating Hotkey. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you!



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If the hooks need to be restored then no hotkeys will work. If only one hotkey is not working then the hooks are not likely to be the cause.


Other programs can 'register hotkeys' with Windows. You can even assign hotkeys or 'Shortcut keys' in the properties of a shortcut (the icon that launches a program).


Macro Express does not know if a hotkey is registered by another program, it just attempts to use it. If another program is using Ctrl+Alt+L (or Ctrl+Alt+I) then a Macro Express macro with that hotkey will not run.


To my knowledge, Windows does not have a built-in way to show which hotkeys (Shortcut keys) are used. However, I hear that there are utilities to do this.

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Thank you Linda & Kevin,


I probably do have those 2 hotkeys assigned to some shortcut. I had already looked thru my 50ish shortcuts on my desktop. Can't find the hotkeys assigned to anything.... I guess I need to find out more about the utilities that can tell me where I have hotkeys assigned in XP. Thank you. Oh, heck maybe I'll just clean up my desktop, that'll probably fix my problem.....


Thanks, Doreen

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