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Copy Files Problem


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I have created a very simple macro which should copy a complete folder (with all it's subfolders) to another location.

First time (when the location folder is empty) it works flawlessly.

However when I try to run this macro again I get the following error:

"Cannot copy XYZ: The file name, directory name or volumed label syntax is incorrect."

I have many other macros which do just the same and all work fine.

Any idea what the problem might be?




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Hmm. We may need to see your code posted here.


I tried this with success, and in fact under no circumstances can I get this to fail. Works if the destination directory exists or does not exists, works if none/some/all files are already in the destination directory, works no matter how I manipulate the files in the source directory:


From Script -> Commands -> Files/Folders -> Copy File or Files:


Ensure radio button "Copy File or Files" is selected

Ensure File(s) Path/Name is a valid source directory

Ensure "New Name:" is a valid destination directory (does not have to pre-exist)

Ensure "Recurse into subfolders, if using wildcard names" is selected


Here's the source code, and below that a screen shot of my selections.

<DOFILE:05:NY:C:\Documents and Settings\rolf\Desktop\Source-Directory>C:\Documents and Settings\rolf\Desktop\Destination-Directory>




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Hello rolf,


Sorry for the delay in responding.


I have chosen "Copy file or files."


This is my File(s) Path/Name: \\Ron\c\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents


This is my New Name: E:\Ron backup\


The point is that the file which causes the error (XYZ in my example) is a valid file which is located in the folder I want to copy.


Best regards,


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