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Help With A Vbscript?


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I know this is not a Visual Basic Script forum, but I was wondering if someone with knowledge could give me a hand with a very simple macro/script.


This is how it would be in ME:


Repeat Until %N1% <> %N1%

If Window Title "Main battery Full" is on top

Macro Stop

End If

Wait For Window Title: "Main battery low"

Window Close: "Main battery low"

Repeat End


This is what I have done so far



for x=1 to 100

Window.WaitWindow (Main battery low)

Window.CloseWindow(?) "Main battery low"

next %>


Of course it won't work. I have no idea what to do with the "Sub Main", "Call main" and "functions" I'm reading a tutorial, but I dont think I will ever do a VBScript again :P


Long Life to Macro Express!

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