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Scheduled Macro Runs Twice


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I have scheduled a macro to run each at at 06:00. The sole purpose is to open an Access database, which updates some tables and then shuts itself down.


The macro simply opens the database. It runs fine, dead on 06:00, but then opens the database again about 5 seconds later, and I get an error #29.


Why is it running twice and why the error?


I am using, 3.5e Build 1

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Looks good, nothing jumps out at me. Since this is a pretty simple macro, maybe you should just delete it and create a new one?


The only modification I suggest, just for kicks, is to build in some delay - say five seconds. Grasping here but maybe Access is sending back an odd event code.


Macro code ....



Here is a 5 second delay -


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