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Waiting For Excel Recalculation


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Although very new to this program, I am finding it quite fantastic and the opportunities for its use seem endless.


I am wanting to use ME to; open an Excel spreadsheet, run recalculation then save the result, rename, and send email. All is fine except the Excel recalculation can vary in the time (1 to 5 minutes) it takes to finish, so ME can sometimes start the next step before the Excel recalc has finished.


I have tried "wait until file is ready" although I suspect this is not the correct method especially as it doesn't work. I wasn't too keen on setting the waiting time as a set period, as I would have to set this for too long to be sure.


Any suggestions and/or advice very much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Is there something that gives you a visual clue that the recalculation is occurring? For example, is there another Window that comes up, does the title bar change, does the mouse pointer change, or is there a specific area of the screen that changes color? There are macro commands to detect these types of events:

// Another Window
If Window Title "Recalulating" is running
End If

// Titlebar change
Variable Set String %T1% from Window Title
If Variable %T1% contains "Recalulating"
End If

// Mouse pointer change
Wait for Mouse Cursor: Arrow

// Color on screen changes
Get Pixel: Window Coords: 100,200 into %N1%
If Variable %N1% = 15836021

I would try the Wait for Mouse Cursor command first. For the other techniques you will need to use a Repeat loop. Something like this:

Variable Set String %T2% ""
Repeat Until %T2% = "DONE"
 If Window Title "Recalulating" is running
   Variable Set String %T2% "DONE"
 End If
 Delay 0.25 Seconds
Repeat End

You may also be able to use the Wait Window Lose Focus command like this:

If Window Title "Recalulating" is running
 Wait Window Lose Focus: "Recalculate"
End If

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