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Get Control Not Working

Gerry Peters

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I have an audio program and I'm opening a window within the program and am trying to "get sontrol" and have the mouse single left click on the C1 control. I get an error message saying it can't find C1 control and will abort the macro. The spot has the word "scale". There are only 2 commands in this macro

1 get control

2 mouse single left clcik on C1


Any suggestions?


Gerry Peters

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There are different ways that a program can be designed. If the window was designed to create itself at runtime, the component hierarchy changes each time the window is launched. If this is the case, the Get Control command will not work as it relies on this hierarchy to remain the same.


There are other options available:


You can try using the tab key to get to the button. This can be done by using the Text Type command. You just need to have it press the tab key until it reaches the button and then you can press the Enter key.


You can also use the Mouse Move command. There is an option in the Mouse Move command to move it relative to window. You can also use the Window Reposition command to specify a location for the window before the mouse move to guarantee that it will be in the same position every time.

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