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Delete Files, Bad Behaviour In Me 3.5b


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Hi, finally I upgraded from ME 3.4b to 3.5b to see an annoying behaviour introduced.

I use following macro to perform a scheduled delete in c:\temp ever 3 hours.

The problem is that often I have applications running just file my macro starts.


The problem is that ME 3.5b now hang in the macro with an error dialog box because the temp files are in use by an application, (access denied on these files)


ME 3.4b deleted what it could, (offcourse except the files open by an application) and ended the macro without any complaints. It would be nice if the next ME build could get the same behaviour again.


If there is a solution for ME 3.5b, which I haven't seen I would be happy to hear about that :-)


code below:


<DOFILE:08:NY:c:\temp\*.*>><DOFILE:08:NY:c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\DrWatson\*.*>><DELAY:5><EMPTYBIN>


Delete File or Files: "*.*"

Delete File or Files: "*.*"

Delay 5 Seconds

Empty Recycle Bin



regards Lars

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You can probably get round the hang up but it will not be as neat as what you previously had. I don't know what the error window is so I am making some assumptions. I know this works for saving a file over a file of the same name.


After the delete command, make a loop that checks every few secs or millisecs if the error window is active. If it is, bring it to the top if necessary and acknowledge the error. You will need some sort of statement to finally exit the loop and empty the recycle bin. It could go round every second for one minute or if the loop has run for 20 secs without an error being detected etc.


Not great if you have lots of temp files in use but I routinely use this, as I am sure others do, for processes where an error is expected.

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Hi Noggin the Nog. I'm aware of the possibilities. But unfortunately the "solution" in 3.5b is so clumsy, compared with the elegance that 3.4b handled open files (with access denial) during delete process.

I certainly hope that this behaviour as 3.4b had, will be introduced again in future ME builds, otherwise the delete function is almost nothing worth.


regards Lars

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