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Wait For Mouse (custom) Cursor


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A custom mouse cursor cannot be added to the list. However, if the custom cursor is going to appear after the current cursor, you should be able to trap the event by scripting something like "wait for the current cursor to disappear".

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There are three possible conditions, which all have their own cursors.


Pointer (it looks like the regular mouse pointer, but it's smaller and thusly doesn't trigger)

Waiting (a bullseye-like cursor)

No-Drop (similar to the programmed no-drop, cept it's the other way ala 'no' cursor)


The pointer isn't a big deal, since alternative manipulation can get the pointer to switch from the small version to the normal one, which ME can see, then it switches back and initiates the macro regardless of the current state. The problem is that I cannot simply wait for 'if not cursor' because of the waiting vs. no-drop cursors. So it needs to be able to detect which one it is. Imo this is a major limitation since many programs have their own proprietary cursors.

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I think I understand. The macro will recognize the cursor has changed from an arrow to something else, but it can't see what that something else is because the software is using its own custom cursors, and they are not in the 21-set provided by Macro Express.


Have you tried each of the 21 cursors in the set against, say, your no-drop cursor just to be sure it is not recognized?

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