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I Know This Is Possible But Dont Know How To Do It


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Hello everyone. I just downloaded this program and I wanted to know if this was possible. Is it possible to like... ok say i have the program type something into a textbox... is it possible to make it type a "1" the next time it does it?


Ok sorry that was probably confusing...

Say I make it type in "setake" would it be possible that the next time I run the macro to make it tyep "setake1" instead of just "setake"?


Please keep the answer as simple as possible because i just got the program and i am not a programmer

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I assume that this is being done in a repeat loop. If it is not, then I cannot think of a way to do this. If it is, and you are wanting to increase the number each loop... here is an example:



Variable Set String %T1% "Setake"

Variable Set Integer %N1% to 0


Repeat Start (Repeat 10 times)

Text Type: %T1%

Variable Set String %T1% "Setake"

Variable Modify Integer: %N1% = %N1% + 1

Variable Modify String: Append "%N1%" to %T1%

Repeat End

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If you need to do it not in a repeat loop, you can do what I've done for several of my macro's... create a text file with your variable as below simple sample:



Variable Set String %T1% from File: "test.txt"

Variable Modify String: Convert %T1% to integer %N1%

Variable Modify Integer: Inc (%N1%)

Variable Modify Integer: Convert %N1% to text string %T1%

Delete File or Files: "test.txt"

Variable Modify String: Save %T1% to Text File


gives a counter outside of macro express...

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