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Any Possible Way To Hold Down An Arrow Key?


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I need to hold down an arrow key for a given number of seconds. Is this possible using macro express? I searched this forum to see if this had been answered already but the last similar post I could find was from 2004 so I figure it is probably worth asking again. Any help/ advice will be much appreciated.

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I have other macroing software that detects when a key is pressed down, and then again when it is let back up. These work for what I am trying to do, but repeated calling of the key in macro express does not register in the program I am executing my macro in. A similar feature in macro express is the one that lets you do just this with the shift, alt, control, and windows keys. You can tell it when the key goes down, and put whatever you need, i.e. a delay between that and when you tell it they key is let back up. I do not see why it is not possible to have this feature for all keys. Every other macro writing software I have used records keystrokes in this manner, however, none of the other software I have used has had near as many other useful features of Macro Express. Anyone have any idea why this is not the way Macro Express records keystrokes? With the current method, I suspect that Macro Express does have both events, but they are just packaged into one line of script (e.g. Text Type: L) and has minimal delay between the down-press of the button, and letting it back up. The problem that I am having with this is that the program in which I am using my macro in does not register the key press with this minimal amount of delay between when they key is pressed and when it is let back up. If I remap the keys so that, say the alt button is registered as the up arrow button, and put a slight delay between the key being pressed down and let up it registers just fine. Is remapping my keys really the only solution to this problem? Does anyone know if there are any plans to change the way this works in Macro Express?

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