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More Variables (e.g. N999, T999)


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Some time back I submitted a Feature Request (ISS3199) for more variables. I find that 100 of each type is not nearly enough.


I received an email on 5/2/2006 indicating that this issue had been resolved, and "The change will be available with the next release of Macro Express.". Yet I have seen no mention of it in the Revision History.


You guys do Very Nice Work by the way. I have been using Macro Express for a couple years, I like it a lot and depend on it a lot.


Has this feature been released?





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We are working on Macro Express 4. While we do now want to dicuss all of the features of Macro Express 4 at this time I can say that there will be no limit to the number of variables. Further, variables in Macro Express 4 are 'named' variables. So you can use something like '%Zip Code%' instead of %T12%.


We do not yet have a release date for Macro Express 4.

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