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I use a very simple code where I want to type a variable

into a cell in a Excel spreadsheet.




It works fine except that after typing the cursor moves down to the

cell below.


If I past from the clipboard the cursor remains in the cell.



The best would be if the cursor remains in the cell, second best if

it moved to the right.


Is there a way to control the behavior of the cursor after typing?


I´m a newbi to this program and have only explored a fraction of its

possibilities but this behavior of the cursor spoils most of the projects

I intended to use it to.


I would be most grateful for any help

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The movement of the cursor to the next cell is controlled by Excel, not Macro Express. Macro Express will automate whatever you can do manually. To see this, try typing into the cell. Excel will move the cursor to the next cell. Now run your macro that types into a cell. The actions should be the same.


You can easily return the cursor to the original cell by adding Arrow Up to your Text Type command.

Text Type: %T7%<ENTER><ARROW UP>

You may need the ENTER key in between.

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