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Using Mouse Locator In A Full Screen Program


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I've had simular issues.. my work around has been to get the coords in windowed mode, then subtract 11 from the Y coord. Additionally, some programs seem to disable getting coords (screen or window) even in windowed mode the coords stop updating when mouse is overtop of that programs window. To work around this, I move the Mouse locator to the postion on the screen I want and guesstimate the location.



Hope some of that helps!

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Ah.. I should be more clear. If possible, you need to switch the program from full screen to windowed (alt+enter usually works, or might need a switch in program paramaters)... take the screen positions you need in windowed mode, then subtract 11 (if you are running in 1024x768 screen resolution) from the Y coord to make the posistions valid for full screen mode.

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