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Is Marked File Already In Open Explorer Directory


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shows a list of all jazztitels, Swissjazz will play today ,which you could listen to or even record.


If you don`t want to miss one of the songs, you could mark time, title and artist and my ME macro CtrlShift+A will enter this in th calendar of Lotus Organizer with an alarm starting 2 minutes before the song will start.


The Stream will allow you to listen to the song if Real Player is on your computer.


There are several programs capable to record songs.

I use a german one called iRaTe2.


But first of all, I mark the songtitle to find out if this title is already included in my song directory to avoid recording it a second time.


If I press WinAlt+Y, my attached MacroExpress macro will do this:




In this moment, the tile with the dark green background is being played , the name of the song coming next is "Mic's Jump".


I just mark the underligned title "Mic's Jump" and push WinAlt+Y (Find File in open File-Explorer).



The marked titel is copied to the clibpoard and the Windows file explorer with all my files, which I had opened before is being activated and the clipboard content (=songtitle) is entered by typing keys. Immediately the searched songtitle is found and marked blue.


Naturally aou could also enter the song title by hand to see if it is already in your open directory..

But you have to make sure your directory is sorted alphabetically by clicking twice on the header "Name".


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