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Can we possible make a macro that when it detects certain colors, it will stop and start at a certain part of scripts at a same macro? My script ain't working, when it detects certain color, I set it to "Macro Run/same macro" and it does stop and start back from where it begins but, I don't want it to begin at the start instead of starting at (certain scripts/bottom scripts) and then after going through bottom scripts, and it jumps back to the start like normal because the the macro is repeating.

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I have a simular macro... my solution has been to have a single main macro that check few dozen pixel locations on screen, and variety of If statements that if true run a different specific action macros. My main macro runs once per second, my other macro's have various delays (and even some other run macro commands) to accomondate that particular action.


One note: I've found then when a second macro calls a third macro instead of returning to main, some variables tend to get lost or something. My solution has been to output the variables to text files, and load them back in on the next macro in the chain.

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