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Increments Bigger Than 1?


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Hi all,


This is the first time I'm trying sthg a bit fancier with Macro Express and I'm getting stuck. I'd appreciate it if somebody could help me.


I have to fill in a webform in which I have to send numbered items to my email address, whereby the form will only take 100 items at the same time. There is a 'From' field and a 'To'-field (and a bunch of other stuff which I CAN handle). Now I thought I could use integer variables for those (and I do know how to get MacEx to get to the right fields automatically): so in the From:-field I'd always enter %T1% and in the To:field %T2%. The first time, the values for those two variables would have to be '1' (for From:) and '100' (for To:); but in the next iterations, I'd like MacEx to replace those with 101 and 200 (and then 201-300 etc.) respectively. It would have to go up to 150'000. Is there any way of doing this? Can I get MacEx to increase the values for these variables automatically with increments of 100? Any other ideas also greatly appreciated,


Thanks a bunch!



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