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Hi folks,


I'm putting together a macro that will run on a daily basis. After the macro does it's stuff, I get it to log out. That bits easy, any ideas on getting it to log back into the system the next day? Locking and unlocking the system is a no go, the machine has to be logged out for audit reasons.


Ollie :)

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Have you tried looking on the Net for other software that will allow autologin? A basic search revealed lots of results. The requirements would be very specific to your setup so you would have to do the looking.


If you were sole user with no login, no problem. You can logout as the sole user but I don't know what happens when you next run the pc.

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I use a program called "Tweak UI" at




This is for the XP version but if it's anything like the win2k version there is a tab where one can easily have it login to a specific user every time. I use it on my automated macros every night, when I have the machine reboot at Midnight. Logs in as my test account and then ME starts itself up and macros run on schedule on a clean slate.

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