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Entering Data Into Html Forms?


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How could Macro Express be used to input data into html forms? Is it possible if I know the names of the inputs in the html?


Can't use the mouse, since they would render in different places in the window based on browser size or screen resolution. The only other option seems to be tabbing between them, but that may not be as reliable as I'd like.


So... can info somehow be entered directly?

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Anyone? So far the best solution appears to be using ctrl+f and finding text then tabbing in, but that's not as reliable as I'd like, certain strings could appear more than once, and I don't know if it would be compatible with all browsers (certainly Firefox and IE6 handle it differently, and I've no idea about IE7).


But it would be really neat if there was a way - even using some code outside of ME - to enter into the form fields by knowing the html element name. Any ideas? Anyone do anything similar?

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The issue is that I am writing the macro for others to use. If it were for myself, I'd simply write it so that it worked in Firefox and be done with it. But as most people go on ignorantly using IE, I need it to work in that.


ctrl+f doesn't work in IE7? Yikes... I thought that version was supposedly an improvement.


I'd be willing to do some coding outside of ME if anyone knows anything that can work with html...

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I've just done a quick test of Ctrl-F using IE7. It still works, albeit in a different way. Ctrl-F brings up the same dialog box as in IE6 where you enter your search term. If you then close the dialog box and press F3:

- under IE6 this locates the next occurrence of your search string without redisplaying the dialog box

- under IE7 this redisplays the dialog box with your search term; in order to do the next search, you have to press Alt-N for Next and close the dialog box again.

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Thanks. I've opted not to use ctrl+f in the macro. A lot of the text on the form appeared elsewhere on the page anyway.


The form at least uses javascript to open and close various subsections, so I'm having the user click on the collapse all link, then grabbing the mouse location of the link so the macro can click on it later. The I can tab into each section. I don't particularly like tabbing through everything, but it seems to be the best option.

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