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Action If No Mouse Click


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When I choose "Wait For Left Mouse Click" I have the option of a time to wait - "Wait for X seconds"


I find that if the mouse click doesn't occur in the specified time the macro ends.


I need it to continue on with the macro if it doesn't occur in the specified time.


I've been trying to figure out another way around it such as a loop in which I detect a mouse click or something, but I'm not sure how to find if a mouse click has occured - such as watching for a certain ascii value or something else that will give it away.


Any suggestions?



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Not knowing exactly what your key does before or while it waits, I'm wondering if you could take another approach and use the Test Box Display within If statemetns using the Timed Floating Box? Or possibly other portions of that Command, like Box remains until OK button clicked, etc.


Just an idea.



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