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Macro Disappears/deletes Itself?


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I dont' even know where to begin!!! :blink: The wonderful state of texas has taken 11 state agencies and consolidated them into 4... and they have changed all our servers, computers are crashing daily (some switch they keep trying to do) so I don't know if this has anything to do with my problem but here it is.


yesterday my co-worker started his computer, it automatically started

ME and all that was there in the formerly named file Discharge Packet.MEX were the system macros. There was no trace that a macro consisting of some 40 or so macros had existed. Then it happened again this morning. (Fortunalty I have backup copies on MY computer and was able to import them in) Also, that file had not been set to back up so I fixed that yesterday so today I just renamed the back up back to .mex and it looks like it's all there.


The file is saved on our "s" drive... its a public drive. The computer in question is running Win NT (and when the computers have been going down, unable to connect to the network, only the Win NTs are affected... I'm running Win 2000 and have not had the problem connecting to the network.) However, when the computers went down last week we didnt' have this problem with the Macro disappearing. But they did go down for a short time yesterday, however everyone was still able to use the macro yesterday afternoon after the computers were bakc up.


Anyway, I'm about to tear my hair out... any clues to why this may be happening???

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Could the Discharge Packet.mex be an older version of the library? I only suggest this because with all the changes to your servers, maybe a change to a link from the existing server to another one caused Macro Express to load, what it thinks is the current library, but what is actually an older one.

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Floyd you may be right... however, I mistyped ;)... my macro is on the S:\drive too and I didnt' have any problem with it. But Today it was THERE! Yea. And I really think that was what was happening. And again it might have to do w/the WIN NT machines causing so much trouble. At least I feel we have an answer - Renee

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