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Text Type <alt>e Has Always Worked


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In my program <alt>e is opening menu in the top of program.

But today when i run the macro the window comes up but the command <alt>e is not working and macro stops.


I have restarted the computer. But the same happens.


have you ever expired this before????


is there a log or something that can be full and has to be deleted?


If i press alt+e manual there is no problem.


I have tryed to change text type <alt>e to alt down e alt up and altdownaltup e


but the funne is that it has been working in months whit no problem.....

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If the window focus suggestion doesn't work another1one suggested, try this. I've had the same problem before.


Use slow down right above command....or what I like to do is...


Text type ALT

delay 150 milliseconds (or whatever, maybe even more)

Text type e

delay 150 milliseconds (or whatever)



Hope one of these work for you.

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