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Ok so I am making some automated tests with ME and I need some help getting around a consistant problem I have. ME will sometimes find some problem, say I mispelled the name of a macro, and put up this text box saying it can't run that macro. Problem is my macro will stall at that point and does not run other macros scheduled after that. So... How do I get ME to not do this. Obviously in this case I needed to make sure the name was spelled right but what I need is for the macro, if it hasn't completed by a certain time to clear the desktop and run the next macro at its scheduled time. Thoughts?

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If you are around and want to see an error has occurred, you can also go to Options/Preferences/Miscellaneous and set to Clear Error Messages after so many seconds.


With some of my macros, I regularly get errors that I expect and don't want to log. I set the clear time to 10 secs. After that time, the dialog disappears and the macro stops. Other scheduled macros will run.

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