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Extra Downloadable Macros?


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Hi, just joined the forum.


I'm now beginning to wonder if I imagined it, but I could swear that sometime in the last couple of days I read about a source of downloadable macros, but I'm darned if I can find it again. They (or it?) was called something like 'Pop 'n Play' or 'Pop-Up 'n Play', or something along those lines. Does it ring a bell with anyone here please?


It's possible I read it in the book I'm working through, 'Macro Express Explained', or maybe it was mentioned in one of the associated video tutorials on the accompanying CD - but, if so, it's now become very elusive ;)


I have already downloaded a selection of the Insight and User macros from


but I'm sure this 'Pop' thing was something else...



Terry, West Sussex, UK

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You are thinking of Pop-N-Pass. This collection of macros allowed you to create macros to enter passwords for you automatically. Unfortunately, these macros used an undocumented technique inside the macro to set focus to the Macro Express Editor window. Later changes to Macro Express fixed a bug and, at the same time, 'fixed' the undocumented technique. As a result, the Pop-N-Pass macro no longer works. The download has been disabled.

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