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Launch Ms Access - Activate A Form


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I don't succeed in designing a macro that just runs a Form in a mdb file in Microsoft Access. The "Launch and Activate" command launches MS Access successfully but is not able to load a mdb file into it, let alone a Form. The PGMFL Program Launch macro refused to load it as well. I don't understand this for opening the same mdb file and Form through a shortcut on the Desktop proceeds smoothly.

To be sure, I have found a detour and attained my goal. The Form / mdb file will load if the shortcut mentioned, a *.MAF file , is used but is not there a more elegant way?


A MAF file is a shortcut made in Microsoft Access. A MS Explorer LNK shortcut does not work.



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If you do the following, you will be able to open an Access form:


1) In your access database, create a macro to open your form

I'll assume it's called MyMacro


2) Write an ME macro with the following command (don't include the hyphen or leading spaces in the text below):

Activate/Launch program

Window Title:

- Access

Program Path/Name:

- C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\MSACCESS.EXE

(adjust this as necessary for your environment)

Program Parameters:

- C:\MyDbFolder\MyDbName.mdb /x MyMacro

(adjust this as necessary for your environment)

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Hi Paul,


Thank you for your suggestion. It took me some time of mulling it over to realize the advantage of your method over mine. Of course, it is the fact that a (your) macro is stored in and launched from within MS Access while a (my) shortcut is stored outside Access.



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