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Possible To Use "any Key" For Keypress


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I have a form to fill in in a program and I have a macro that does almost everything, except that one keystroke differs each time (the alternatives are m4, m5, and m6). So I have the macro waiting for a keypress and using ENTER after I type in the number.

Is it possible to eliminate the extra ENTER and have something detect that I have added one key press, and then move on to the rest of the macro? Either any key, or any numeric key, or some such would be fine.

I know it's reductionist to want to eliminate the one extra ENTER, but maybe with variables (I've never used them)???

Thanks in advance

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You can set a string variable of any length and have the macro type it. Which variable to type out, would be the question. Is there something different, say a window title, that Macro Express can know about? Something that will tell it to type m4 or M5 or m6?


Is this what you mean?

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