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Folder Getting Too Big?


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I've built a macro that creates graphic files and puts them into a folder. It works fine, until the folder gets between 900-950 images in it, then it bombs. If I re-start it, it may save one or two items, but then bomb again. If I empty out the folder I was saving to, and restart photoshop and the macro, it will run again until it gets to that 900 image mark.


I've tried adding a variable to the input file to define a save to folder for each record, thereby allowing me to control the number of files that gets saved into each folder. But when I started the macro, it saved the first 800 images in the first folder, switched to the second folder for the next 800 images, and then bombed about 100-150 images into the second folder (hmm, about 900-950 images total again....). This "bombing point" seems to be right around 1.6 gigs of folder size. This happens on all three computers.


Does xp have a folder size limit or something? Maybe cache settings or virtual memory or swap file or something else like that? I don't know about these things, so I dunno. I'm running 1 gig of ram on this machine, but I don't think it's a ram issue because the two other machines I've tried it on (one with 2 gigs of ram, and one with 512 megs) get the same result.


Any ideas?





UPDATE! I found something else interesting later tonight. When the macro bombed this time, I tried to save something in photoshop, and the "save as" window was moved almost all the way off the desktop. It actually took a little bit of doing to get it back. I wonder if the save as window actually moves a little to the right after every save? Because the macro DOES seem to be bombing on the "wait for save as window" command. The error I always get when it bombs is that the save as window didn't appear within the time limit. Maybe when the "save as" text in the upper window itself goes off the screen, the macro won't see it?

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Are the folders both in the same subdirectory?


Maybe go down to the root of the drive and add a new folder.


I know that older Windows have a limitation to the number of files and folders within one folder (e.g. C:\Images can only have x number of files/folders in it before bad stuff happens).


You might also want to name the folder with the range of images (e.g. C:\Images-0001-0900, C:\Images-0901-1800)


Here's some code that might help get you started with the above idea:

<REM2:Setup><REM2:N2 - Total bytes of all the files in prior folder.><IVAR2:02:01:0><REM2:N3 - File counter.><IVAR2:03:01:0><REM2:T2 - Path to folder.><TVAR2:02:01:C:\Images><DOFILE:01:NN:%T2%>><REM2:Loop all the files in the folder.><REM2:T1 - Filename><REP3:07:000001:000001:0001:0:01:%T2%><NMVAR:08:03:0:0000001:0:0000000><REM2:N1 - File size.><IVAR2:01:05:%T1%><NMVAR:01:02:1:0000001:1:0000002><REM2:Bigger than 1.5 Gigabyte (GB) = 1,610,612,736 Byte?><IFVAR2:2:02:5:1610612736><REM2:Go start a new folder and put it there ...><ENDIF><REM2:Clear file size.><IVAR2:01:01:0><ENDREP>

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