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Capture A Volatile Control Class


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Hi. I'm trying to to send keystroke to a control which is very problematic to capture:

it's a context menu created by Visual Assist plug-in Visual Studio IDE. The menu disappears as soon as application looses its focus due to mouse click or Alt-Tab switch.


The control is impossible to be captured using Get Control Utility because the control disappears as soon I click Utility's aim icon.


I launched keyboard-activated macro which captures control class into a text variable, but it does not captures parent control classes. My control class is BCGToolBar:1ed00000:8:10011:10 and it returns no text.


Is there any way to capture such a control?



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Many controls do not return any text when you use the Variable Get Control Text command. Some do not accept keystrokes when you use the Text Type command to send text to the control. The only thing you can do is try it to see if it works.


I for one would be very interested to hear if you are able to get this to work. It could be a very useful technique.

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