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Macro Express Suddenly Gone Crazy!


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Anybody have any idea why Macro Express (latest version) would suddenly start acting crazy? I've been using the program for awhile now and I'm very impressed with it's flexability. I wrote a macro to enter orders exported from a website directly into Quickbooks. Everything was working fine until yesterday. Now Macro Express is acting strangely. I think it has something to do with tabbing from field to field. If I tell the macro to tab 5 times sometimes it will tab 4 times or maybe just once. Then it will start entering information in the wrong fields. I tried slowing down the macro and it seemed to work but even then sometimes it won't tab correctly. I'm running a pretty fast machine, but it's the same computer I've been using for years. I don't understand why!?!



Any ideas anyone?


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Nathan:

I've had similar problems at times. We have over 100 people who use a particular key and every once-in-a-while they will call saying something copied wrong or not at all, etc.


After having them send me print screens of the different programs they were using to gather and distribute infromation using the key, I notice they have opened up a program and "extra stuff" is suddently showing in a particular window.


For example, if the person opened the clipboard and left it open in excel, when the key goes to either paste or copy something from excel, by having the clipboard open, that throws off the tabbing, etc.


In another program, IE based, they sometimes click something and it opens a task bar which is not normally open and that throws the tabbing off of that screen. Sometimes it is really hard to see what they have done, and I almost feel like a detective trying to figure it out.


Hopefully, maybe this will help.



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Hi gnathon

We've had similar problem at times. In our case we've this kinds of trouble when we work with different applications over the network. Try to separate the tabs with a delay of 1 millisecond or more between each tab, just to see if it helps. If you just put the delays between the tabs you dont have to slow down with Macro Playback Speed. A tip:Sometimes it could be verry useful to wait for mouse arrow to be sure it has finished of as it should.

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