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Find A Certain Place In Copyed Text


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I copy some text from a mail into T20


The first 3 or 4 lines I don't need.

But I never know how much I don't need.


BUT I know that I need all after a job number.

This job nr. is BCKXXXXX

xxx= a number thats never the same, but BCK is always there.


How do I go to/find BCK and copy BCK and all text/numbers after BCK ???


Here you can see the mail:




Subject: Backup problem - please create trouble ticket



oooo Below information is autocollected backup problem information.

oooo Please create the appropriate trouble ticket

oooo Ticket description should NOT include these lines


BCK0036E TSS,tssinf4,2,TOLDSKAT_SQL_translog_tssinf4 Sch: translog Mstr: nbucph2ma Create trouble ticket severity 5 Dont call Storage guard. Failed 1 time(s). 2007/01/22 10:32:21




as you can see i don't need all lines that have oooo in front.

but i'm not sure that oooo always is there.



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variable set integer %N1% from position in %T20% search text BCK

and the variable modify string...

This I understand...


But waht happens in the IVAR command??

And where do I find that?


Is this the modify string copy part of command?

If yes then I will use:


Variable modify string: copy part of text from T20 to T20

Starting at N1

But where to end ??


I can tell that the end always is a time stamp, if that can be used?

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