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Mex-file From Old Computer Causes Drive-acces-erro


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I installed MacroExpress 3.0 on my new Laptop. With the initial, empty mex-file it worked quite well.

Since I replaced the mex-file with the old one from my former laptop (which had a partition E: und F:, that the new one doesn't have), opening the MacroExpress-Editor causes a error message like "Windows - no volume: There is no volume in the drive. Insert a volume in the drive.". Multiple klicking "cancel" lets the message dissapear und everything's working quite fine.

If I have changed a macro and return to the Macro-Explorer the same message comes: three or four times cancel - and it goes on.

I watched the disc-activity with Sysinternals' Filemon several times: there is definitely no access on a drive like E: or F:.

I also checked the preferences for not existing pathes: in vain.

Has somebody similar experiences with moving mex-files and maybe even a solution?java script:emoticon(':huh:')



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