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Trouble Launching Playable Macro From Within Macro


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Anybody have any suggestions as to why I cannot start a playable macro (MXE) from a regular macro. My macro uses a Mulitple Choic Menu that provides a list of macros to choose to run. The playable macro is stored on the network. Here is what I have:


Multiple Choice Menu: Track-It! Switchboard

Switch (T1)

Case: &Upload from PDT.

Program Launch: "MacExp.exe"

End Case

Case: &Add inventory to Track-It!

Program Launch: "MacExp.exe"

End Case

End Switch


Launch Macro #1

<LAUNCHDEL2:2:01C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\MacExp.exe<PARAM>/MXEN:\Info Resources\Track-It\MacEx\Track-It_PDT Comm.mxe>


Launch Macro #2

<LAUNCHDEL2:2:01C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\MacExp.exe<PARAM>/MXEN:\Info Resources\Track-It\MacEx\Track-It_New Inventory.mxe>


I have tried placing the path of the playable macro within quotes but that didn't help.

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Macro Express is already launched and running so launching another instance does not work. To run a playable macro simply use the Macro Load Text File command in place of the Program Launch command.

Load Macro Text File: "Track-It_PDT Comm.mxe"
Load Macro Text File: "Track-It_New Inventory.mxe"

<TFILE:N:\Info Resources\Track-It\MacEx\Track-It_PDT Comm.mxe><TFILE:N:\Info Resources\Track-It\MacEx\Track-It_New Inventory.mxe>

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It is okay to run macexp.exe with different parameters to launch a macro, even when Macro Express is already running. However, it is a little faster to use meproc.exe instead of macexp.exe. But, this was designed to allow other programs (batch files, C++, Delphi, VB, FoxPro, etc.) to run macros.


The reason this is not working is that Macro Express will only run one macro at a time. Since one macro is already running when an attempt is made to run another macro, it fails.


One solution is to put your playable macros in your macro library. Another solution, as Joe suggests, is to run your playable macros with the Load Macro Text File command.

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