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Hi, i'm new to this site and also very new to Macros, but I am not able to get my Capture Macros to run after I have recorded them. I followed the tutorial included with Macro Express to the letter, and cannot find where the problem is. I'm able to get both shortkey and schedule macros to function currectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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It is possible the the keyboard hooks are being blocked by another program running on the computer. Can you create a hotkey activated macro using either the scripting editor or direct editor that works? If not, then something is blocking the keyboard hooks and preventing the hotkey activations from working.


You may also be able to get them to work by clicking on Tools and selecting Restore Keyboard Hooks from the Macro Explorer.

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I tried resetting the keyboard hooks, but it did not solve my problem. But I can use the hotkeys correctly as I have other macros that use hotkeys to function. Still, the macros I create using Capture do not function. I tried both using the hotkey and clicking on the macro in Macro Explorer and clicking Run, but neither start the macro.

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