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Hello all, I'm just learning more detailed ways of using ME and I'm stuck on how to make a macro based on text on the window.


I want a macro to check a field for text that might read "buy" or "buy stack" but can't seem to get it to work. the items would be in a random list on the window so I need it to check for "text" and if it's there left click, but if it is not, mouse move to new pos and check again.


If you can help me with this plz post.

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Is there a way in the program to search the field, such as Control+F? If so, you could program Macro Express to use this feature and then use the Move To Text Cursor Position under the mouse move command.

sadly no, I could use a "get color" check instead of text tho.



mouse move X:585 Y:245

if color = white

macro run: 2

if color = black

loop (till color = white)


something like this either with colors or text would be helpful to me, but no ideal how to program that in ME 3.5

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If the information that you are trying to copy into Macro Express is scripting code, then it will be able to read it as a macro script. However, if it is like the code that I posted, it will not be able to read it and it will need to be entered manually. The reason that we show the script like we do is for readability. The actual script looks like this.



However, the code that we post uses the names of the commands as listed in the Commands list in the Scripting and Direct Editors.

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OK, thanks Jason, understood.


How did you actually post the boxed command line extract that you showed earlier under 'CODE' please? If I copy from Scripting Editor to clipboard and then paste elsewhere (e.g. into a forum post), it reverts to 'raw' format.



Terry, West Sussex, UK

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