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I new to ME and am currently trying to create a macro that will pull numbers from a list in excel and place them into the correct field in another program. The program that I am entering the information into contains a pull down menu. There are 2 choices where the information could go. If there is nothing in the drop then menu than the program will need to create a new note. If there is a pre-existing popup in the pull down menu I need the program to recognize it and place the information into it. I am having troubles creating an If statement for this. How can I make this happen? Thanks

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Post some of your code and more information about the destination program.

You may want to look into Controls:



Here's a generic strategy:

copy number from excel

set string t1 from clipboard

set integer n1 to t1 string length

repeat with n1 with counter in n2

copy n2, 1 from t1 to t2

type t2


t3 get text from pull down box

compare t3 to t1

same? do what ever.

get the end? type it in the other box.


I know it's cryptic, but maybe we can help you with more information about the destination program.



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