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Detecting Character, If Mouse Clicked On It


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to all,

I have captured demographics in 10 variables, T1 to T10

I have a Multiple Choice box, which displays their titles and their values.


We capture the demotraphics from one medical system, and want to individually paste that person's values to another system

(last name, first name, etc)


Currently, my staff has to

1. start macro

2. select, in the multiple choice box, which value they want (last name, etc)

(this pastes that value to the clipboard

3. right-click mouse in other progrm, in the field that is to recieve the data

4. either type "P" (for paste), or SELECT "P" (for paste)

4b - select OK, or whatever, in the destination program

5. go back to multiple choice box, select next item wanted, and repeat


I'd like a way to have the macro detect that the "P" was either pressed (wait for keystroke), or more importantly, detect that the mouse left-clicked on a "P", for paste, and automatically load the clipboard with the next variable (if first name was just entered, then last name would be loaded) and the staff could go to the next field, left click to position the mouse, right-click to get mouse menu, and left-click on "P".


The "P" woudl be the triggering factor to change clipboard values, because they might first go somewhere else on the screen.




the MULTIPLE CHOICE box would not be too intolerable, except

1. it canot be resized

2 it cannot remain on top with focus

this means that if the other program is in full screen mode, the multiple choice box disappears, and has to be selected from taskbar



any feedback is appreciiated.


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It’s hard to imagine your applications and what exactly is going on but I think you might be barking up the wrong tree. You can have ME move from window to window, move to the proper fields and do ALL of that for your user. IOW I think you’re running into inhibiting technicalities because you’re trying to do it the hard way. If you could be more specific I might be able to give you some more specific advice.


I have many macros that move data from one application to another and it’s pretty easy but every case is a little different and requires a different tack. But as a “For instance” I’ve written macros that would quickly grab fields from a Database and open a web browser to UPS and fill in a shipping form. In these cases there usually isn’t any user intervention but in this case I might ask the user which shipment method they want to use. It’s usually quite simple. But if there is no intervention required you can do thousands of records quite quickly.


Are both applications Windows based? DOS or terminal based applications pose some special problems but usually they’re pretty simple to solve.


Check out the windows control features in ME too. You can literally cram data into fields of an application without even activating it. This might solve your desktop space problems. Check out the tutorial on ME’s site demonstrating how one can use the Windows calculator program.


Also don’t forget toe research possible built in export and import capabilities of your software. I’ve often seen people attempt to port data the hard way when the application already can do it.


Get more specific and maybe even post some screen shots and I’ll be happy to give my 2 cents. Just don’t forget to dither and sensitive data.

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thanks for reply.


I curently am able to do select transfers from



But, sometimes, we use PROGRAM C, very infrequently (or PROGRAM D, PROGRAM E, etc), many different programs that need demographics in different sequences. In that case, I wanted a more generic means of copying the demographics, by the staff, and pasting to the demographics of the other systems.


Actually, I FIXED this. I set up a POPUP menu, which has buttons for Name-Last, Name-first, etc, etc -

the first button copies ALL the demographics from PROGRAM A.


Then,with the popups running, we click in the apropriate field of the destination program (name-last, for example), and then click the appropriate popup button, which copies the value of that demographic (from the source program data) to the clipboard, and pastes the data. It actualy works well.


ai thank you for your reply.


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