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I apologize in advance for my confusion. I originally downloaded Macro Express as a free trial and created one macro with no problem. That was about 2 months ago.


Now, I have registered it and I am sitting here looking at the program with my mouth wide open, unable to figure out how I used it before.


Anyway, to start with for the time being, I want to create a macro that allows me to quickly scroll to the bottom of a webpage. I wouldn't mind it if I could create a shortcut of that macro on my quick launch toolbar. However, just hitting a single key to activate it would do just fine. Can anybody advise me on how to do this? :unsure:

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Thanks for the reply. That was easier than I thought it would be. The plan works perfectly now. :)


Oh, and it works in any browser I selected. However, you have to add which browsers it will work in. Scrolling to the bottom of a super long webpage is a pain when you are in a hurry, this simplifies the process for me. :D

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