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Alt-down Arrow On Web Pages/drop-down Lists?


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I'm trying to access a drop-down list on a web page with ALT-DOWN ARROW -- MacroExpress doesn't seem to be sending the ALT-DOWN ARROW keystrokes.


The Macroexpress FAQ states:

Here is one suggestion. There may be others. In many applications you can Tab to the drop down list field. Have the macro Tab to the fied and type the first few letters of the item that you want in the drop down list. Your selection should then be highlighted. Have Macro Express press Enter to select that item.


This doesn't work for webpages.


So I tried with down arrows. The problem is that this dropdown list submits the option as soon as the down arrow is pressed. (i.e. I tab over to the drop-down, press down arrow, and the page refreshes -- there is no "Submit" button).


In these cases, it can usually be done via keyboard: tab to the drop down, press ALT-DOWN ARROW to make the list drop down (like a mouse click would do), use the arrows to move the hilite bar, then press ENTER to make the selection. THe page will refresh only when ENTER is pressed.


My problem is that MacroExpress doesn't seem to be sending ALT-DOWN ARROW. I've tried the plain <ALT><DOWN ARROW> and:


ALT Key Down


ALT Key Up


Neither work! Is this a known limitation?


Thanks for the help.

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I checked some pages I access and they work fine. All I do is tab to the drop-down box then use the up or down arrow a preset number of times. Due to the many ways webpages can be coded, some are quite difficult to handle, as you found (and hence Joe's comment).


A good approach is to look how you would do it manually. You may have to click on the box arrow to drop the list and then use the mouse to select the line you want.

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