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Hi all,


Newbie here. I've done some searching through the forums to try and find my answere but I didn't come across anything. I am trying to make a macro that will repeat UNTIL a certain time of day. I'm sorry if this is posted somewhere but as I've said... I looked and didn't find it. I also went through the help file in ME, though that was admittadly brief.




I wanted to come back and clarify a bit. I know that I can start and stop a macro at a certain time very easily with ME. The thing is that as far as I can tell you also have to tell it what days exactly to start and stop. Basically all I am looking for is a macro that will loop until a certain time, reguardless of the day.


I think the biggest problem for me is the amount of time that I actually want my macro to be running. I would like for it to run at 0605 and keep running until 0445 the next day. From what I can tell in ME this is hard to do without having to edit my macro EVERY day with a new stop date.

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I think the following would work. It is activated using Schedule, at 06:05



// Start and stop macro at specific times.

Text Box Display: Message

Repeat Until %T1% >= "04:45:00"

Time: Save hh:mm:ss (15:04:23) into %T1%

// PLACE your own commands here

Repeat End

Text Box Display: Message

Macro Stop




<REM2:Start and stop macro at specific times.><TBOX4:T:2:CenterCenter000278000200:005:MessageThe macro has started. It will run until 04:45 on the following day.


(This message will close automatically in 5 seconds.)><REP3:08:000005:000001:0001:0:01:04:45:00><hh:mm:ssP000{N}{F000}01><REM2:PLACE your own commands here><ENDREP><TBOX4:T:4:CenterCenter000278000200:005:MessageThe set time has been reached. The time (from variable T1) is now %T1%.


When you close this message, the macro will stop.




I tested it for short periods.




Terry, West Sussex, UK

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In general I've had needs in the past to run macros for long periods of time but there are always problems like the inability to run another macro during that long period. For instance I have some fax montoring macros that in effect need to check all day if any new PDF files appear in a folder on the server. Instead of having it run forever I use the scheduler and have it run ever 60 seconds or whtever. Usually that is sufficient. If you wanted to you could schedule a disable/enable routine as a seperate macro.

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