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Problem With Vista And Not Working At All


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i am still having problems with the macro express 3.6 i still havent got it to work can anyone give some suggestions on how i could make it work i have read about the protected mode and i have it disabled on it still wont work not even on notepad i have the new vista operating system

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Try emailing support. I have no idea what could be wrong with yours but I know it works on mine fine. Mine wouldn't 'hear' my hotkeys until I disabled protected mode but I could still run macros without them. You might try a simple macro to see if they will run manually instead of hotkeys.


I've seen other talk about hooks but I don't know anythign about that. Check the other posts for more info. I didn't have to do it but it seems these are the two things most mentioned.


Don't forget you can email support as well. They're usually pretty good on stuff like this.

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