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This is my first posting here, although I have been using ME for many years, mostly to create rather simple macro's, I admit. I am now trying to write a macro which is triggered when I add or delete bookmarks in Opera. It synchronises bookmarks between Opera and IE, using a third party bookmark synchroniser (BookmarkBridge). The macro should be activated when I open an "add bookmark" window in Opera (which works) or when I open the bookmark manager, to delete or reorganize bookmarks (which doesn't work). Contrary to the "add bookmark" dialogue window, the Opera bookmark manager opens in a new tab. "If Window" or "Wait for Window" statements do not trigger the macro. The window title is specific for the bookmark manager. So I suspect the problem might lie in the Opera tabs. Is this so? Is ME unable to see tabbed windows like the ones in Opera? And if so, is there any way around this? Any experience out there of problems with tabbed browsing and window titles?


TIA, Arthur

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