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Direct Editor is damnably hard to read. Commands are delimited by ASCII 01, and the text appears as a single unbroken block. Does anyone know of an external editor that can be configured to wrap lines at ASCII 01?


Of course, you can configure most any external editor to insert CR/LF's after the ASCII 01's and then remove them at the end of the edit session. However, in a normal revise, test, revise, test cycle, the extra steps are intolerable.




PS The situation can be improved slightly by using a larger font size, but the program cannot remember that size between sessions.

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Welcome to the forum!


When you are viewing a macro from the Direct Editor, you are looking at Macro Express native code. A macro is one long string of unbroken text without CR/LFs. If you attempt to add CR/LFs then your macro will no longer work properly.

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Hi Joe, - Samstag, den 02. Okt. 2004 09:09


what are you using: direct or scripting editor ?

Are there general tips & tricks or general rules for macro writing ?


I am using direct editor exclusively like this for my actual date macro Alt+1:


<SPEED:00001><REM2:Alt+1  Datum aktuell /actual Date 25.05.03









<REM2:Add 0 if number<10><MSD:80><TEXTTYPE:0><ENDIF><TEXTTYPE:%N1%.><MSD:80>



<TMVAR2:16:99:00:000:000:><REM2:Set Clipboard back to initial contents T99>

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