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I'm a new user to ME and I've been reading the Posts on this Forum as well as the very well written book by Joseph Weinpert "Macro Express Explained" and I'm looking for some answers on a few things:


1). I discovered in ME how to determine the Size of the Screen for the Width and Height, but can't find anything to determine the Color Level of the Display (IE. 16 Color; 16-Bit High Color; 24-Bit High Color; 32-Bit High Color). Can this be determined in ME?


2). I was experimenting with Pixel Reads and have to assume that the Pixel Colors that I'm getting are going to be different for each Color Setting by the Display Adapter. I'd like to progmatically at the beginning of my Macro determine what the Color Depth is set to so then I know what colors to look for on the display. Is this Possible?


3). If neither of these options are available, can they be implemented in the next release or maybe even a newer update??


As a new user, I find ME a GREAT Program. However, I'm really confused on how to use the Control Variables within ME and would like to find out how to work with these properly. Can anyone point me in a direction where I can do further reading and be able to learn how these are used and applied?


Thank You!

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I would look in the registry for the color depth. I know it's stored in there per user but I'm not sure where. I'm sure if you did a web search you couldfind the key. Also you could try running regmon and changing the color depth and see what happens.

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You could start by trying something like the following.


Macro name = OpenColourChoices


// Displays current colour settings and allows choice from full list

Keystroke Speed: 100 Milliseconds

Desktop Minimize All

// R-click mouse on my blank 1024x768 desktop; amend for other resolutions

Mouse Move Screen 1003, 717

Mouse Right Button Click

Delay 100 Milliseconds

// Get Properties window

Text Type: r

// Open Settings tab


// Get Advanced dialog and click List All Modes button

Text Type: v<CTRLD><TAB><CTRLU>l



<REM2:Displays current colour settings and allows choice from full list><SPKEY:0100><MINIDESK><REM2:R-click mouse on my blank 1024x768 desktop; amend for other resolutions><MMS2:1003,717><RCLK><MSD:100><REM2:Get Properties window><TEXTTYPE:r><REM2:Open Settings tab><TEXTTYPE:<CTRLD><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><CTRLU>><REM2:Get Advanced dialog and click List All Modes button><TEXTTYPE:v<CTRLD><TAB><CTRLU>l>


Possibly ME can work with the Controls of this window, although in my few weeks of experience I doubt it, as very few of my applications do so.



Terry, West Sussex, UK

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Thanks Cory. I'll get out my Registry Book and see what I can find there. That's probably the best place to determine the Screen Color Depth.


Thanks terrypin. I figured I could use a macro to get/set the settings, but I'm looking for something behind the scenes sort of speak. Welcome to the Forum. I'm kinda new too :)

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