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Uh... It's the "Repeat Start" command in the Repeat group. There is no configuration or whatever to repeat a macro per se unless you have another macro with a repeat which runs the second macro which wouldn't make a lot of sense. It's better to repeat a routine within the macro. Whatever is in your macro now insert a Repeat Strat at the beginning and a Repeat End at the end.


FWIW having huge itterations of repeats often cause troubles. Try using the scheduler instead. For instance I have macros that need to effectively run forever but I want to be able to run macros inbetween. So I schedule the macro to run every 60 seconds.


Also if you need to repeat indefinately you can use the Repeat Until command and use the condition T1 <> T1. That is T1 not equal to T1. I use this all the time. Then I usually have an If test in there and if it's true issue a break command.


Check out the tutorials online, I think there are some cool examples of repeats there.

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