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Upgrade To 3.5e


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We have upgraded to version 3.5e and one of the employees is having trouble with her keypad not working. Any macro that is set up using the combination of Alt, Ctrl, (or anything) plus a number or one of the numeric functions on the keypad will not start the macro key. Has anyone had this problem or know what may be causing it. Did the mapping to the keypad get messed up with the upgrade? The keypad does work when used NOT in conjunction with Macro Express.


Thanks for any help.



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This may not help directly, but FWIW I had bizarre keystroke behaviour myself yesterday which I am sure was caused somehow by ME (3.5e). I didn't lose the full use of the keyboard, but was getting some characters misinterpreted, and others not typing at all. I also found that a left mouse click was behaving like a right. I think it was somehow triggered by trying to step through a reluctant macro with F8. (See separate post 'Why this not working?')


Closing and re-starting ME didn't fix it. Nor did the first re-boot (XP Home PC). But after the next boot I took care not to go near that macro again - and no need to do so now that Paul has come up with his much better alternative ;) . Since then I haven't had a re-occurrence.


Of course, I might be doing ME a disservice here, and it might have been down to something else entirely, as I do often have several major programs running at once.


BTW, am I right that 3.5e is not the latest version?



Terry, West Sussex, UK

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will not start the macro key

I’m not sure what you are saying but if you’re describing the inability to launch a hotkey macro see if they are running IE7 in Protected Mode. It’s my understanding that this must be disabled for ME to launch from a hotkey even if IE is not open.

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