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Launch Program Quit Working


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All of a sudden, none of the Launch Program commands will work if the

program is a .lnk file, a shortcut.


This has always worked fine for me, the only thing that's changed is

that I installed 3 Windows Updates:


KB873374 Microsoft GDI+ Detection Tool

KB833987 Security Update for Windows XP

KB883357 Update for Background Transfer Service


This is most inconvenient, I had some very handy macros that used this



Any ideas?



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I'm sure you would prefer to have your .lnk launches working but you can perform the launch actions directly on the files that the .lnk would start (eg .exe, .bat). Not great if you have many macros already in service.


As far as MS updates go, I download security updates but nothing else that I don't have an immediate problem with/need to resolve. Take a look through any pc forum at the number of problems occurring after an update. Your problem may be unrelated to the updates, things sometimes go wrong without help from MS!

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