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Changing/modifying Title Bar


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I wanted to know whether or not ANY title bar(Window Title Bar) can be changed?


What I am trying to do is work within a database that does not have the customer's name on the title bar rather it has the name of the software program, but I want to change it to reflect the customer's last name on it.


I would think I would want to use variable set string from window title to do it.


CAN ANY TITLE BAR BE MODIFIED? Can some software programs not allow thisto happen? If it can be modified, how?





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Seems to me it's not going to be possible exactly as you describe, because the window title is a function of the program, and differs widely.


For example, if I put data for John Brown in a text file and save it as 'John Brown.txt' with my text editor, TextPad, the window title is always prefixed by 'WorkspaceBasic1 - TextPad - ', and it has the full path added in square brackets. So the full title is

WorkspaceBasic1 - TextPad - [D:\Docs\SUNDRY\Macro Express\John Brown.txt]


If I did the same for Mary Smith using Notepad, the window title is always suffixed by '- Notepad', and the full title becomes

Mary Smith.txt - Notepad


But, of course, if the name is at a fixed (or reliably located) position within the file, then you could write a macro to get the surname into the title. Just not as the full title.


Given the number of Browns and Smiths, that's probably a good thing, to avoid inevitable ambiguity ;-)



Terry, West Sussex, UK

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