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Me Breaks Power Management?


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ME (3.5e) seems to disable Power Options here.


I've done several tests that appear fairly conclusive. For example, I set Control Panel > Power Options to switch off my monitor after 1 minute last night. That worked fine, providing ME is not running. With ME off, my monitor remained off all night, as usual. (And there are several backups that run overnight, via Scheduled Tasks.) But after switching ME on this morning, and doing nothing else, the monitor has remained on.


No macros are scheduled, or set to run indefinitely.


I'd appreciate other users checking this behaviour please.


I run an Athlon 1800 512 MB PC under XP Home (SP1).



Terry, West Sussex, UK

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There is an option found under Options|Preferences|Scheduler titled Disable Screen Saver when using Scheduled Macros. If this option is enabled, the Windows Power Options are disabled. This feature was added because Windows security blocks programs from running while the screen saver is active or the desktop is locked. If you disable this option in Macro Express, your power options will work.

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